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Mark Wilson and Shout Online
Shout Online was started by Mark Wilson who has been involved in Franchising for the last 18 years. A Retail Architect by profession Mark was
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part of the original team that conceptualized Debonairs Pizza. Mark worked for Steers and Spar H.O before heading up an Advertising Agency and starting Shout Online.

Grow your Brand internationally
The biggest frustration when trying to grow a Brand nationally and internationally is communication and control. How does one effectively empower and control the various branches to penetrate their community and grow turnover. There is often no central framework to harness and communicate good ideas and as a result most of the great ideas that Head office have falls through the cracks and are not communicated and given to Branches; whether franchises, voluntary trading groups or corporately owned stores.
Fighting Giants
Shout Online specializes in Building Brands with a limited Budget. Big Brands have large budgets and make a noise on National TV, radio and other media. Smaller Brands need a more specialized strategy that is tailor made for specific sectors and communities as different communities have different LSMs and need different strategies and messages to penetrate them; we call this Guerrilla warfare.

If you are keen to FIGHT GIANTS with a limited Budget: Give us a Shout!

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