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The emotional journey of a Franchisor
The life of a Franchisor is an emotional journey that goes something like this. The Franchisor works with a group of consultants to prepare his Brand to Franchise, they go to market, sell and set up outlets and for the first year, the new Franchise owner is consumed with learning a new industry from a normally experienced Franchisor. By the end of the year the Franchisor
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has down loaded 80% of his Intellectual Property to a now weary Franchisee. Another year passes and the Franchisee has moved from the hungry learner to a "wise" business owner who is paying a big percentage of his turnover to somebody who has already handed over most of his IP. The Franchisor has moved from the wise teacher to the enemy. The emotional roller coaster has begun.

How can I as a Franchisor help my Branches?
When deciding to Franchise a Franchisor needs to spend more time working on what he is going to offer Franchises as opposed to what he is going to get out of them. In other works the Franchisor need to spend more time and money focusing on the tools he is going to give Franchisees to penetrate their community and grow turnover as opposed to the Franchise agreements. In order for the Franchisor to have a sustained life he has to have the correct
foundation in place and constantly find ways to add value to his Franchisees. If the Franchisor fails to do this he will not be able to sustain the relationships with the Franchisees and will therefore fail to have a business.

Your Brand in a Box
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